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Testimonials from Our Trainees (Part II)

Testimonials from Our Trainees (Part II)

”I have improved my ability to determine which method works best for each task or assignment. I have also become better at taking initiative during tasks. Furthermore, the instructor is knowledgeable in the subject matter, resulting in effective learning. The display of skill is also noteworthy.

I have learned about emotional intelligence while dealing with various scenarios in both my workplace and personal life. It demonstrates how well I can perform with the professional training I received. I would rate the balance between theoretical concepts and practical elements highly because we are given the opportunity to apply the theory through practical team exercises. So far, the teachings have significantly boosted my confidence in my work, allowing me to apply what I’ve learned effectively.

My trainer, Adaobi, has been professional and skillful in her approach. She teaches with such simplicity that it makes learning seamless and enjoyable. Overall, the training session has been inspiring and highly educational. Additionally, the mentorship sessions available to students make this course truly outstanding” Dumeza Yopele

”The training met all my expectations. As for the topics most beneficial to my professional development, I would choose soft skills; I know some Excel and SQL, but I have never had any classes or training on soft skills before this.’The training met all my expectations. The training has also positively impacted my personal life, helping me think about various questions that someone might ask for analysis and improving my communication skills. I now prefer to address any perceived offense diplomatically, ensuring a positive environment and good relationships.

Both instructors are accountable; they communicate proactively if they can’t make it to a class or needed to cover a topic later. They answer our questions and encourages us to ask them for clarification when needed. The training makes me feel more valuable, as I enjoy adding value to myself and understanding my worth.

I appreciated that we focused on practical application over theory, which created a more engaging learning experience. My trainers are empathetic, patient, and always have answers to our questions, even those that might seem unimportant” Jacob Ngozi

”Initially, I found the training challenging; however, with additional support from the instructors, I have adapted to the material. SQL has proven to be the most valuable skill during this training. My instructor, Obinna, is exceptional—always prepared to answer questions and help. As for soft skills, Effective Communication has taught me to listen more and speak less during interactions. Adaobi has helped me better understand soft skills, while Obinna demonstrated there’s much more to Excel than I initially realized. Overall, the program is fantastic, and I’m delighted to be part of this exceptional training” Nkemakolam Chisom

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