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Internships and Volunteer Opportunities


Internship and Volunteering

Internship opportunities serve as excellent avenues for gaining invaluable experience, acquiring new skills, and making a significant impact. We offer students and recent graduates the chance to obtain hands-on experience by applying their theoretical knowledge in a professional environment. Once you complete our professional skills training, you will be placed within an organization, allowing you to expand your network, gain entry into your desired career path, and learn from industry experts over a 12 to 24-week period.

You can expect:
Up to one to two years of in-depth development and mentoring
Practical training
Key job specific skills training
The chance to earn a wage (For paid internship)

Volunteering for organizations allows you to apply and enhance your newly acquired skills without expecting financial compensation. If you seek an opportunity to contribute to a significant cause, create a positive impact in your community, and enhance both personal and professional abilities, we are here to support you.

Acereal is a specialized consultancy that provides comprehensive support and services for individuals and organizations seeking improvement.



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