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Interests vs. Hobbies: Maximising Your CV’s Impact

Interests vs. Hobbies: Maximising Your CV’s Impact

I have assisted numerous individuals in reviewing their CVs and have frequently provided clarity on various aspects, including the distinction between hobbies and interests. I thought it would be beneficial to share these insights with my Facebook community.

The key difference between interests and hobbies is that interests are activities that you find interesting or enjoyable, while hobbies are activities that you actively pursue and engage in on a regular basis. Interests can be pursued in a variety of ways, while hobbies require more time, effort, and dedication to pursue.

For instance, an interest can be as simple as enjoying watching movies or listening to music without the need for any specialized skill set or commitment. On the other hand, a hobby typically requires developing a skill or investing time in practice; examples include painting, photography, playing a musical instrument, or woodworking.

When it comes to creating or updating your CV (Curriculum Vitae), showcasing both interests and hobbies can provide potential employers insight into your personality, skills, and potential cultural fit within their organization. Listing these activities on your CV should be done concisely and selectively, focusing on those that align with the job you’re applying for or could be seen as valuable by employers.

Examples of interests that could be listed on a CV include:

1. Reading (demonstrates curiosity and knowledge-seeking)

2. Traveling (shows cultural awareness and adaptability)

3. Sports (indicates teamwork and competitive spirit)

Examples of hobbies that could be listed on a CV include:

1. Blogging (demonstrates strong communication skills and creativity)

2. Volunteering (exemplifies commitment to social causes)

3. Photography (reflects creativity and attention to detail)

Remember to prioritize the relevance of your interests and hobbies when presenting them on your CV. This way, you communicate what makes you unique while also highlighting qualities that could potentially benefit your future employer.

I hope you find this information useful. Should you require more efficient and results-driven professional guidance for a strategic job search, don’t hesitate to contact us at for assistance in crafting a focused CV.



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