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Exploratory Research Study Focusing on the Experiences of Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria’s Service Sector.

Exploratory Research Study Focusing on the Experiences of Female Entrepreneurs in Nigeria’s Service Sector.

Insightful research conducted by Adaobi, the founder of Acereal Consult

This in-depth study explores the entrepreneurial journey of 11 inspiring female business owners in the Nigeria service sector, and sheds light on their unique experiences.

Through semi-structured interviews, these incredible women revealed:

  1. The ways in which they encounter gender biases within the Nigerian service sector,
  2. The personal strategies and tactics they employ to navigate and mitigate these biases,
  3. The impact of these gender biases on their overall entrepreneurial success.

This research underscores the resilience and determination of female entrepreneurs, as well as highlights the significance of understanding and addressing gender bias to foster a more inclusive and thriving entrepreneurial landscape.

Participants’ Profile.

NameProfession and years of experienceMotivating factorsFamily status
P1Media and Communications Consulting 7 yearsA stable income, personal accomplishments, and competenceSingle – no children
P2Architectural 10 yearsEmbrace creativity, and become own bossSingle – no children
P3Management Consulting 6 yearsPassion, and creativityMarried with children
P4Training Consulting 10 yearsFlexibility, creativity, and time for children.Married with children
P5Copywriting and Health & Fitness training 7 years  Passion and fulfilmentMarried with children
P6Digital Marketing 3 yearsBecome own boss, and focuse on catering to small businesses primarily owned by women.Married with children
P7Events Management 5 yearsPassion, become own boss, and walk the path of successful women in the industrySingle – no children
P8Business Consulting 4 years  PassionMarried with children
P9Digital Marketing 5 years  Independence, stable income, and flexibilityMarried with children
P10Project Management 12 yearsBecome own boss and passionSingle with children
P11Financial Services 5 yearsFlexibility and stable incomeSingle – no children

The table above displays the nature of business, motivational factors, and family status of the participants.

After an extensive analysis of our research findings, we’ve organized them into three easily digestible sub-categories. We wanted to ensure that our audience could quickly grasp the information and its significance. To do this, we’ve structured our insights around three main themes, which we’ll refer to as Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3.

We believe these categories will help you better understand our findings, as well as their implications in the broader context. We encourage you to delve deeper into each category and explore how they fit together in shaping our overall conclusions.

To make things even more seamless for you, we’ve attached a link at the bottom of this post. This link will guide you through our analysis and provide you with valuable insights. So go ahead – click this link to Category 1, and learn about the biases these female business owners experience in Nigeria.



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