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Acereal Consult’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop

Acereal Consult’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop

Exciting news! Acereal Consult is hosting an exclusive workshop for our current professional skills trainees – “Entrepreneurial Mindset”! This game-changing session aims to equip our trainees with the essential skills they need to excel as successful entrepreneurs in today’s competitive landscape.

We are honored to have the incredibly talented Theresia Kneschke facilitate this transformative experience. With her vast expertise in Business and NGO Management, Theresia will share her insights on the essential mindset every entrepreneur should possess. Theresia has successfully conducted simulation-based acceleration workshops with seven startups in crisis management, developed and trained startup-focused M&E systems, and established an early-stage business department within a Sudanese startup hub. In addition, she has facilitated in-house leadership training, served as a jury member for entrepreneurship screening and selection systems, been a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship with CEFE consulting, and created content about startup success stories and business opportunities.

In this hands-on workshop, our trainees will delve into vital entrepreneurial competencies such as decision-making, risk management, focus, feedback, and financial mindset. By combining theoretical concepts with practical learning experiences, we’ll prove that anyone can develop an entrepreneurial mindset with the right training.

At Acereal Consult, we believe in nurturing resilient, intelligent, and innovative entrepreneurs who break barriers in search of solutions. This “Entrepreneurial Mindset” workshop is the perfect opportunity for our trainees to unlock their full potential and thrive despite any setbacks or challenges they may face.

Our passion for empowering the next generation of trailblazers remains unwavering. We are committed to guiding the Nigerian youth on their paths to fulfilling careers and remarkable entrepreneurial achievements. Every day, we strive to unlock their potential and provide them with the tools they need to soar.

As we continue on our mission, we invite you to join us in celebrating the successes of these young minds and supporting their journey towards a bright future. Together, we can create a world where these young trailblazers flourish and reshape the narrative.

Here’s to the unstoppable progress of the Nigerian youth – today, tomorrow, and beyond!



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